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Oncord Updates: April 2023

The latest Oncord update includes the addition of drag-and-drop rotators and banners, a Domain Health Checker to enhance email deliverability, the ability to bulk remove contacts from groups, and integration with Eventbrite. Additionally, the events RSVP system has been improved, and we've added new notification options and automations for recurring sales.

In This Update:

Drag-and-drop rotators / banners.
Improve e-mail deliverability with the new "Domain Health Checker".
Bulk remove Contacts from Groups.
Integrate Oncord with Eventbrite.
Improvements to events RSVP.
New notification options and automations for recurring sales.
Updated Oncord tutorials.

Drag-and-drop Rotators / Banners

The Second Slide

Add content, images and testimonials to your rotators.


Add Rotators!

It's easy to add rotators just like this to your website.


A new drag-and-drop rotator element has been added to the visual page editor, making it easy to add dynamic banners and sliders to your pages without any coding experience.

With a range of customization options available, you can control the speed, direction, and auto-rotate timing of banners, as well as choose from a variety of transition animations including fade, slide, and instant. Configure the color and style of the rotator controls to match your brand.

To try the new Rotator element now:

1. Edit a website page, via Dashboard > Website > Pages.
(or, click here to access a demo)

2. Click "Insert" in the left panel, to reveal the library of drag-and-drop elements. 

3. The new "Rotator" element is located under the "Layout" heading. You'll also find some template rotator sections under the "Templates" heading. Drag-and-drop a rotator into place on the page, and populate your rotator with content.

Integrate Oncord with Eventbrite

With Oncord's Events Management App, you can receive RSVPs for your events, workshops, or seminars through your website.

Our latest update introduces an integration with Eventbrite, a leading event discovery, promotion and ticketing platform. This integration allows you to synchronize data between Oncord and Eventbrite, providing you with an effortless way to expand the reach of your events.

When attendees RSVP via Eventbrite, their details will automatically be pulled into your Oncord Dashboard for marketing purposes. No manual import / export necessary! 

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Domain Health Checker

Oncord's latest update includes a Domain Health Checker that suggests and corrects DNS configuration issues to optimize website and e-mail campaign performance and security.

An optimized DNS configuration can help protect against attempts to impersonate e-mail addresses associated with your domain, while also increasing the likelihood that your e-mail campaigns will reach recipients' inboxes.

DNS is also an important factor to improve the initial loading speed of your website.

The Domain Health Checker is able to suggest improvements regardless of whether you've opted to host DNS with Oncord, or externally. 

To check the health of your domain now, login to your Oncord Dashboard, and navigate to:
Dashboard > Settings > Domains.

Bulk Remove Contacts from Groups

Oncord's Group feature helps segment your contact database.

Use Groups to target e-mail or SMS campaigns, apply discounts to specific groups, restrict website access to certain groups, and trigger automated workflows based changes.

Our latest update includes a new "Remove from Group" option, allowing you to remove multiple contacts from a group at once.

You'll find the new option alongside the "Add to Group" option, shown when multiple contacts are selected.

Events RSVP Updates

When contacts RSVP for your events they'll now be greeted with an updated display, which confirms the event details, along with links to add the event to their calendar. 

Oncord's contact management feature supports relationships between two contacts, allowing you to record family, professional or company relationships between contacts.

When RSVPing for an event, logged-in users can now selected a related contact to attend the event as a guest. These guests can also benefit from discounts, if they're qualified.

Recurring Sales: New Notification Options & Automations

The Oncord Recurring Sales app allows you to charge customers on a recurring basis, and is often used for paid memberships, recurring donations, or subscriptions.

We've made two changes to the Recurring Sales feature:

1. New Notification Options:

We've added some additional notification options, allowing you to setup e-mail notifications specifically when users create, activate, pause or terminate recurring sales. 

To configure which email address(es) should receive a notification when sales take place on the website, navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Commerce > Invoicing > Notifications.

2. A New Automation Trigger: When a recurring sale plan is created

An Oncord Automation can process a series of workflow steps after a certain event takes place.

We've added a new automation trigger specifically for the recurring sales feature - which will trigger when a recurring sale plan is created. Further - you can specify that the automation should trigger on all recurring purchases, or only on specific products.  

Automations can be created via Dashboard > Marketing > Automation > New Automation.

New Video Courses & Updated Articles

We've further extended the Help Articles section of our Learning Center with some new content:

New Article: Setup The Eventbrite Integration
Added a tutorial to cover setup of the new Eventbrite integration.

New Article: Choosing an E-mail Host
Added a new tutorial to cover some common options choosing an e-mail host. 

Updated Article: Search Engine Optimization
Added information about Canonical URL Override

Updated Article: Setting Up Google Marketing Tools
Added information about Google Ads, and domain property verification

Explore The Learning Center  Explore The Learning Center 


Fallback SSL: 
We've implemented a fallback SSL provider, to cover the rare situation where Oncord's SSL supplier is experiencing a service disruption. 

Row / Column CSS Update: 
We've updated the CSS underlying the row column system to use a grid layout instead of flex. This change aims to provide more precise sizing in situations where flex may not have been sufficient. 

Rotator Update:
<layout:rotator> no longer requires a <ul> with <li> elements to define slides, and any direct child of the rotator will be converted into a slide. 

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