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Oncord Updates: December 2022

The Latest Oncord Updates

Check out the latest Oncord updates and new features below. We make constant improvements to our platform based on your feedback.

In This Update:

Events - QR Check In.

Change Your Own Oncord Plan.
Recurring Sales - Bulk Update Tool.
New Automation Trigger: Product Ordering Options.
New Automation Trigger: Terminate Recurring Plans with a Specific Product.

Events - QR Check In

To help reduce time spent checking-in attendees at events, we've introduced a new QR code check-in feature. When enabled for an event, a QR code can be included in the reminders sent to attendees, and scanned when they arrive to the event.

We've updated the Events Management Help Article with the latest changes, including information about how to enable and use the QR code check-in feature: Oncord Help Articles: Events Management

Change Your Own Oncord Plan

It's now possible for you to add or remove features from your Oncord account yourself, without assistance from Oncord support.

This means it's easier than ever for you to experiment with Oncord's Commerce and Marketing features if you haven't already. 

To review the features that you have enabled:

  • Login to your Oncord account. 
  • Click the "Settings" icon, located in the bottom left of the Dashboard. 
  • Select the "Features" option.

Recurring Sales - Bulk Update Tool

The Oncord Recurring Sales app allows you to charge customers on a recurring basis, and is often used for paid memberships, recurring donations, or subscriptions. 

We've just added a new feature to help you make bulk changes to your existing recurring sales, to reflect any changes you've made to pricing.

The new tool can be accessed by navigating to Commerce > Recurring > Bulk Update Prices (located in the menu at the top of the page).

New Automation Trigger: Specify an Ordering Option on Products

An Oncord Automation can be setup to process a series of workflow steps after a sale, where workflow steps can send a series of e-mail or SMS campaigns, add contacts to groups, or other actions. 

An Automation can be triggered by purchase of a specific Product.

With the recent update, you can now further specify an ordering option of the selected Product. 

New Automation Trigger: Recurring Plan Termination

Oncord Automation can be setup to process a series of workflow steps after termination of a recurring billing plan.

With the recent update, we've further improved this automation trigger, allowing you to specify that the automation should only trigger if the recurring billing plan includes a selected Product.

New Video Courses & Updated Articles

We've further extended the Help Articles section of our Learning Center with some new content:

New Google Analytics 4 Help Articles:
Setting Up Google Marketing Tools.
Setting Up Google Analytics 4 E-commerce Tracking.

Updated Article: SMS Marketing Tutorial
Added information about SMS Automation.

Updated Article: Search Engine Optimization
Added more information about how to disable Indexing. 

Explore The Learning Center  Explore The Learning Center 

Other Noteworthy Updates

Inventory List Columns: If you are managing inventory via Oncord, you can now specify whether inventory columns should be shown or hidden from lists (including custom fields). Navigate to Commerce > Products > Inventory > Configuration, and select columns you'd like to be displayed on the inventory list. 


New Developer Tutorial:
Creating Multiple Contact Records via Form Submissions.
Covers implementation of a registration form that will create two or more Individual contacts, with relationship to a Company contact.

Address Update:
<ss:forms:address> has 3 new attributes: rowtype to specify "one_column" or "two_column" layout, useplaceholders "true" or "false" to include input placeholders. And userowlabels "true" or "false" to include form row labels (for accessibility, labels will only be removed if useplaceholders is true). 

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It's now possible to run automation workflow steps on related contacts, and we've made improvements to how companies RSVP to your events. It's easier to add contact records to Groups. You can add new captions and text descriptions to images and image galleries. Customize the height of full-height sections throughout your website. Send automated emails to your customers when their credit card is going to expire soon. 

All Oncord powered websites using our name servers now include anycast DNS, which improves the time that it takes visitors to connect to your website globally. There are also plenty of other new features to explore, and the help section of our website has been further expanded with some new videos and content.

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