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The Latest Oncord Updates & New Features

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We're committed to providing you with the tools and services you need to build your online presence. It's important that we never stop iterating and improving our platform based on your feedback.

In this update:

Automation on Related Contacts

An Oncord Automation is triggered by an event that happens within the system, and then processes a series of workflow steps. As an example, the trigger event might be when a contact completes a form, with workflow steps configured to send a series of e-mail campaigns or other actions. 

*New* Advanced Settings are now available on each workflow step in an Automation. The advanced settings allow workflow steps to be completed on contacts related to the contact who triggered the Automation. 

This is often required by membership-type organizations, where both an individual contact, and a company contact record both need to be added to certain groups. 

When you hover over an automation step, a settings cog icon now appears. Click the Icon > Advanced Settings, there are now five options:

- Run this step on original contact.
- Try to run this step on an individual, fall back to original contact.
- Try to run this step on an individual, don't run on companies.
- Try to run this step on a company, fall back to original contact.
- Try to run this step on a company, don't run on individuals.

New Video Courses & Updated Articles

We've further extended the Help Articles section of our Learning Center with some new content:

New Video: How to Manage Recurring Sales:

New Help Article: Third-Party Embed Code:

Updated Help Article: " PayPal Pay in 4":

Explore The Learning Center  Explore The Learning Center 

Adding Contacts to Groups

We‘ve improved the user inferface and tools for adding contact records to Groups. You can access this feature via Dashboard > Groups > Add Contacts to Groups.

Add Contacts to Groups consists of three options:

*New* Bulk Add by Conditions: This new option allows you to add existing contacts to certain groups by using Filter Conditions. This is often used where you need to add a large, specific set of contacts to a group. 

Import Spreadsheet: This allows you to import contacts from an Excel spreadsheet or “CSV file”. For more information, check out our tutorial video and help article about How to Manage Groups and How to Import Contacts.

Search and Add: Search contacts to add to groups. This is often used where you only need to add a small number of contact records to a Group.

Full Height Section Customisation

In the last Oncord update, we added a "Full Height" option to set the height of the section to the full height of the screen (check out the article). There is now a new option to customise the height of a full-height section when editing Designs.

Why? Sometimes it's better to set full height sections to be slightly smaller than 100% of the screen, to show the user there is still more content further down the page. 

To access this option:

  1. Edit your website design theme via Dashboard > Website > Designs.
  2. In the left-hand panel, click Styles > Section Sizing.
  3. Adjust the value in the "Custom Full Height" option.

Viewport Height (vh): This unit is based on the height of the viewport. A value of 1vh is equal to 1% of the viewport height.

In this example shown in the video, a value of 50vh means the section will consume the half-height of the screen, regardless of whether the page is viewed on mobile or desktop devices.

Image Modals and Captions

"Enable Modals" causes an image to launch a full-size modal (or “pop-up”) when clicked. Where you have multiple images with modals enabled, the modal will render as a sideshow.

New: When modals are activated on images, you can now add a caption title and caption description to the image which will appear in the modal.

To access this option:

  1. In the web page editor, click the drop-down button on the top-left corner of the image.
  2. Click "Edit".
  3. Scroll down in the left-hand panel, and click "Enable Modals".

Check out our help article about How to Add and Edit Images.

Company Field on Events RSVP

"Company" is now available as an optional registration field when admin users Create an Event. This will add a company field to the RSVP form, allowing visitors to specify their company when they RSVP for an event.

To configure this, navigate to: Dashboard > Events > New Events > RSVP Options > Registration Fields

When a user completes the RSVP form with the company field entered, Oncord will create a relationship between the individual user, and their company.

Check out our help article to learn more about Companies and Relationships.

New Recurring Billing Automation - When a Stored Card is Expiring Soon

We've added a new automation event, specifically for those using the Recurring Billing app

The new trigger "Recurring Sales - When a stored card is expiring soon" will trigger when a stored card is X days before expiration (you can specify the number of days, credit cards usually expire on the last day of the expiry month).

After selecting the new trigger, you can choose "Send E-mail to Customer" as a workflow step. The email template has a link to the public invoice view where customers can update their credit card details.

Discounts for Someone Else

When creating Products, they can be configured as "Orderable for Someone Else" by navigating to Dashboard > Products > Additional Attributes. Select this option, and contacts will be able to order the product for someone in their relationships.

*New* Discounts can now be configured to be applied when buying products for someone else.

To see this new discount restriction option, navigate to:
Dashboard > Commerce > Discount > Editing > Restrictions.

Allow Customers to Use Credit

Where customers have credit, by default they were able to use that credit to make purchases on your online store.

We've added a new option for you to control that behaviour, and set whether customers are allowed to use credit in your online store.

The default value is Allow, and you can configure this option by navigating to:
Dashboard > Settings > Commerce > Advanced.

Invoice History

The Invoice History section available to your customers has been updated, and moved to the left-hand side of the invoice page. It is secured to the contact who the invoice is issued to; or the original creator of the invoice if made via the shopping cart.

"Force Download" Links

The link tool allows you to link page elements to a file or PDF, or to the url of another web page.

A new option called "Force Download" has been added to the "Open in" section when linking an element to a file. This option allows users to directly download the file when clicking the link, rather than the web browser opening the file. 

To use this option, navigate to Web Page Editor > Edit a Link > Open In > Force Download.

Check out our help article about How to Create Links when editing pages.

Xero - Discount Account

A "Discount Account" has been added to the Xero Integration Configuration to support discount accounts for "entire sale" discounts.

Xero does not support discounts on an 'entire sale'. It only supports discounts on a per-line basis. This new Xero "Discount Account" applies to all discounts in Oncord that use the "Applies to > Cart (discount off total order)" setting.

To enable the Xero integration, check out our help article Setup the Xero Integration.

Other Noteworthy Updates

Registered Charity Company Number:
“Registered Charity” has been added to the company number options when you configure the invoicing via Dashboard > Settings > Commerce > Invoicing.

Product Category Repeater:
Product Category Repeater has been added to the Insert Panel. You can use this tool via Dashboard > Page > Insert.

Inline Editor:
The Inline Editor now expands as you add content. Say goodbye to editing long product descriptions in a tiny editor.


404 Header:
Product Pages now return a 404 header when the product isn't found (offline/broken link etc).

New Tutorial - Managing Rotator Content:
Website owners can't be expected to update code in order to make changes to rotator content. To provide admins with a better experience when updating rotator content, you can configure rotators to populate dynamically with content from Posts or Pages. Click here to view.

Forms Dialogbox Backdrop:
<forms:dialogbox> now supports a new attribute called backdrop which is set to true by default. When set to false, the usual dark grey dialog backdrop will not be rendered.

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