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POS Registration Form

This example is useful for in-store forms where a PC terminal or iPad is shared for electronic data capture. Users are not kept logged in, and they are redirected back to the form for subsequent submissions.

Possible applications are:

  • In-store electronic feedback form at point of sale.
  • Electronic competition form on an iPad at a trade show.
  • Electronic form to join a birthday club.
  • Any other type of registration form.

The Form

Create a new page for the form. You will likely want to create this at a location like /forms/competition/ or /forms/feedback/.  Set the pages to be "Hidden in Navigation" and "Hidden in Sitemap", so that it isn't found easily by website visitors. 

Editing the <ss:forms:form> tag, set the following attributes:

Set a unique ID to identify this form from others.

To register the user into the database.

To record a copy of the submission under Website > Pages > Forms.

To redirect the user to the success page.


The Success Page

The success page must have the following:

In the "Page Source", redirect back to the form.  You can update the timeout and redirect URL.

In the PHP "Server Code", auto-logout the user.

Other Optimisations

  1. Ensure their consent is obtained for marketing.
  2. Ensure there is a link to your Privacy Policy.
  3. Consider capturing birthdays for automated marketing.