Get Started

Creating Products

After creating Product Categories and Brands, you're ready to create your first product.

To get started, login to the website dashboard and select the Products page, which appears under the Commerce heading in the left sidebar.

Click the "New Product" button towards the top of the page to configure a new product. On the product configuration page you will have the following options:

  • Enter a product title and base price;
  • Select one or more product categories;
  • Choose a product brand;
  • Upload an image to catch your customers eye;
  • Specify whether the product will need to be shipped or not;
  • Enter the information that will be displayed when a user clicks on the product.

When you have finished configuring your product, click the "Save Product" button towards the top of the page.

Additional Attributes

Oncord allows for a large amount of customisation of products. The "Must Know" items below are the "Status" field to hide the product, and the "Ordering Options" field for configuring a product to have different prices depending on configuration (eg. User can select a color, where Red costs $10 more than black). 

Introduction Date - When the product was introduced. Automatically set to the date you created the product. 

Status - Ticking the option "Invisible" will hide this product to public users, however signed in administrators will still be able to view the product throughout the online store. The "Can't be ordered online" option will display a notice that the product cannot be ordered online, and the user should contact your business instead. 

Orderable for someone else - Select this option and contacts will be able to order the product for someone in their relationships. You can edit a contact's relationships through their profile. 

Disables Guest Checkout - If this option is selected the guest checkout will be disabled, requiring the contact to create an account with a password. 

Ordering Options - This field is used to allow configuration of the product. As an example; let's say that we are selling a T-Shirt. The T-shirt is available in a few different colors, sizes and patterns. The price changes depending on the color or pattern. The following Configuration could be used: 

The above configuration would present the user with the following when viewing the product online: 

If you would like to track inventory separately on each of the ordering options, you can specify inventory items in the drop-down list. 

Restrict Visibility to Groups - Ticking groups will make this product only visible to contacts who belong to at least one of those group(s).

Barcode - This field can be used to search the product catalog by a barcode number when creating a manual sale.

Product SEO

"SEO" is an acronym for "Search Engine Optimisation", these items may assist in improving your position in search engines such as Google.

Page URI - This is the address users will visit on the website to view this product. By default Oncord will construct the URI address using the Product Brand, followed by the Product Title. The Product URI must be unique, so if another product has the same Product URI a number will be added to the address. Description - This is used to define the SEO Description Metadata tag. Taking the time to write an SEO description of your product will assist your position in search engines. Keywords - This field is used to define keywords associated with this product. Separate your keyword phrases with a comma.