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Creating Post Categories

Post Categories are used to keep Posts sorted, and determine where Posts will display throughout your website. Posts are mostly commonly used for a "Latest News" feed on the website, so this example will be used for the purposes of this tutorial.

Each Oncord Post needs to be assigned to at least one Post Category, so you'll need to create a Post Category (eg. Latest News) before creating any of the individual news Posts.

Creating a New Post Category

Select the Posts option, located under the Website heading in the left sidebar of the Dashboard.

Select the Categories button at the top of the page to view all Post Categories.

Click the "+ New Category" button located towards the top of the page to configure a new Post Category.

Clicking the "Save Category" button will create the new Post Category. When creating Posts, your new Post Category will now appear as a category option.

If you generated a new page for the post category, Oncord will inject code into the newly created page which will retrieve all posts assigned to that post category.