Get Started

Creating Your First Post

To get started, log in to your website Dashboard and select the Posts option, which appears under the Website heading in the left sidebar.

Click the "New Post" button on the top of the page to create and configure a new Post.

You will be presented with the following options:

  • Enter a post title: "The top 10 places to scuba dive in Australia";
  • Select a post category: eg. "Blog" or "Scuba Locations"; (if you'd like this post to also appear in other categories, click the "Additional Attributes" tab and specify additional Post Categories.)
  • Upload an image;
  • Write a short teaser description about the article. (usually a short paragraph that will entice the user to click the post)

Linking the Post to a Page or File (Full Version / Link To)

After completing the above details, you will be presented with the following options for linking the post to website elements.

  • Create a new page - Create's a empty page for you to write an article from scratch.The page address / id will be generated for you based on the Post Title you defined.
  • Link to existing page - You can link your post to an existing page which you've already created on your website.
  • Link to external URL - Allows you to link your post to an external page address, for example YouTube.
  • Link to a File - Allows you to upload a file from your computer that the user will be able to download by clicking the link
  • Link to Event - Allows you to link to an event that's been created in your Oncord platform
  • Link to Product - Let's you link to a product in your Oncord ecommerce catalogue
  • No link - Allows you to have a static post, which does not link to a page.

To Hide the Post (Offline)

If you would like to hide the Post while you're working on it, open up the additional attributes tab and tick the "Offline" option. Note that when your post is offline it will be hidden from standard website users, however administrators will still be able see it. Don't forget to make the post visible again when you're finished! Otherwise website visitors won't be able to view it. 

Once you have finished creating your post, click the "Save & Create Linked Page" button. If you selected the "Create a new page" option, you will be re-directed to an empty web page where you can start writing your full article.