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Restricting Discounts

This article will explain how to target a specific audience or set of contacts for your discount.

You can apply discounts based on a set of targeting conditions, which may take into account: 

- Your customers purchase history. 

- Interactions with e-mail marketing campaigns (eg. whether they have clicked a link in a campaign). 

- Whether they are in a group.

Coupon Codes

You can enable a discount when a customer is prompted to enter a coupon code (part of the shopping cart process). 

Simple enter the coupon code in the "Require Customer to Enter Code" field. 

Contact Filter Conditions

To target a specific audience for your discount, use the drop-down menu titled "Select a Condition". You can combine and stack conditions, and negate conditions (eg. all contacts in the Members group who have not purchased a product). 

Enable the Discount

You can enable the discount for use publicly through the shopping cart, or alternatively only for use with administrators.