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Filtering Contacts

This article will show you how to filter your contact database based on a set of conditions such as purchase history, form submissions, interactions with e-mail campaigns, groups, analytics and event attendance.

The "Filter by Conditions" feature is also used throughout the e-mail marketing component of Oncord, so this technique is handy for segmenting your contact database before sending a targeted campaign.

Filter by Conditions

To get started, navigate to Dashboard > Customers > Contacts to view your contact database. 

Towards the top of this page is a menu bar, with a drop-down menu which reveals the "Filter Contacts" button. 

Selecting the "Filter by Conditions" button will reveal the filter conditions options (pictured below). The condition options displayed will depend on your pricing plan. 

After selecting a condition, additional options specific to that condition will be displayed, allowing you to get even more specific about your query. 

You can stack query conditions and use logic operations such as "AND", "OR" and "NOT. 

As an example, the below query will return all contacts who clicked a link in an e-mail campaign, but did not follow through with a purchase. 

When you have specified your conditions, click the "Filter Contacts" button to apply your filter. You can also export contacts as a CSV file, by clicking the "Export" button after filtering contacts by conditions.