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Understanding Events

The primary aim of the Events App is to allow you to receive RSVPs for your events, workshops and seminars though the website.

Capabilities and Features

The Events Management App supports both paid and un-paid events, as well as invite-only and public events.

You have the ability to restrict the number of attendees that can RSVP for an event, and you may optionally allow your attendees to bring guests, or opt to send someone else in their place. 

Custom fields may be added to events to allow for data such as dietary requirements.

You may specify an RSVP deadline, restricting users from completing RSVP after a specified time. 

Discounts may be applied to paid events.

You can print a guest list, and the name tags of your attendees. 

You can configure reminders and confirmation messages to be sent to attendees via e-mail or SMS. 

Advertising & Marketing for Events

Oncord posts are generally used for advertising events on your website, and you may also send an e-mail campaign with an RSVP link to your contact database.

After installing the Events Management App, the "Conditions" engine will be updated throughout your dashboard to allow you to:

- Send e-mail & SMS messages based on how your contacts have RSVP'd for an event.

- Start an automated workflow when a contact RSVPs for an event (eg. when an attendee RSVPs, send an e-mail).


The Events module is free, however it requires the complete feature offering of Oncord. Upgrading your pricing plan is very easy, simply contact us for assistance.

How to enable the Events Management App

To enable the events management app, navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Apps.

Click the "Enable" button located under the Events Management App. You will notice that a new events page appears under the "Marketing" heading in the left-hand sidebar.