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Configuring Administrator Roles

Administrator roles are used to restrict access to certain features of Oncord. 

As an example scenario, each team member will maintain different areas of the website, such as a blog manager and product store manager. The product store manager role only allows access to the Commerce features of the Oncord dashboard, and the blog manager role would only have access to the Website features. 

Create a New Security Role

Login to the dashboard and click the "Settings" icon, located at the bottom of the lefthand sidebar. Select the "Administrators" heading. Click the button labeled "Configure Roles and Security" to view all the current security roles. Click the "New Role" button at the top of the page to begin creating a new role. Enter a meaningful title for identifying the role. Enter a description that accurately describes the use of the role.The 'Access control method' option allows you to choose how you want the below access checklist to function, you have two options: 'Disable the features checked below', or 'Allow only the features checked below'.

Proceed to check / un-check (depending on your Access Control Method) the features that the new role is going to have access to.

When you are happy with the access you have provided the role with, Click the "Save Role" button at the bottom of the screen.