Get Started

Creating A New Page

After logging in, select the "Pages" link located in the left-hand menu (located under the "Website" heading). Clicking this link will display your current sitemap, which lists all the pages on your website.

To create a new page, click the "New Page" button located at the top of the page. You will be presented with a dialog box which will allow you to specify where the page should reside on your website.

The "Parent Page" field is used to specify where your page will be located in your sitemap. In the above example, the new "Our Staff" page will be placed under the "About" page in our sitemap structure.

The "New Page Location" field defines the web address of the new page. You will notice that spaces are automatically changed to the dash "-" symbol. This is because page addresses should not contain spaces.

When you are happy with these settings, click the next button to create your new page. After creating a new page you will be presented with the page editor, allowing you to create the content that will appear on the page.

An Example

See the below example sitemap of how pages might be configured for a website;

  • Home Page
    • About Us
      • Our Team
      • Our Staff
    • Services
      • Content Management
      • Search Engine Optimization
    • Contact Us

To implement the above sitemap, start by creating the "about-us", "services" and "contact-us" pages, setting their parent page to the "/" home page. To create the pages "our-team" and "our staff" to be placed under the "about-us" page, the parent page fields should be set to the "/about-us/" page when they are created.

A Shortcut

This shortcut can save time when creating a new child page. 

On the pages screen, hover your mouse to the right of the desired parent page title and click the three dots. This will display a drop-down menu, which will give you the option "New Child Page". The page parent will now be selected automatically in the new page dialog box.