Get Started

Running Paid Events

This article will explain how to setup paid events. 

Create / Edit an Event

To get started, navigate to Dashboard > Marketing > Events to view and create events. Click the "New Event" button, or select an event that you have already created. 

Configure the Paid Event

When editing an event, select the "Pricing" tab to configure payment and pricing options for the event.

Tick the option "Admittance requires purchase" to view additional options for configuring pricing and payment. You will be presented with an option to either create a new product, or find an existing product. 

The event needs to correspond to a Product in the Oncord Commerce component in order to allow purchase. When the " Create New Product" option is selected, the details you enter into the Price, Brand and Category fields will be used to create a new Product.

Alternatively you may select the "Find / Edit Existing" to search your Product catalog for a product that already exists.

The Product will be created when you click  Save Event. The next time you visit the Pricing section, "Find / Edit Existing" option will be selected, because the last time you submitted the form you created a new product and now you're referring to that existing product.

As suggested by the  [change] link, the product that is linked to the Event may be changed easily. You may want to consider removing Products that you have created but no longer use, as they will appear in the Products database (go to Dashboard > Commerce > Products to review your product catalog).

Guest Pricing

You may opt to charge guests a different price.

If guests are allowed (allow guests through the "RSVP Options" tab), an additional field will display at the bottom of the pricing section to enable guest pricing. 

If the "Different" option for guest pricing is selected, an Additional Attribute will be added to the product specifying the guest price as an ordering option. 

Taking Payment & RSVP for Paid Events

It is important that you direct users towards the events rsvp page & form - don't direct users towards the product page.

If your event has been configured to require purchase, your configured payment methods will appear below the RSVP form. 

To configure payment methods, go to Dashboard > Settings > Commerce > Payment Methods. 

When a user completes payment for the event, an invoice will be raised and sent automatically.