Get Started

Understanding Automation

This article will help you get started with marketing automation, or automated workflows.

What Is Automation?

"Automation" is an automatic workflow completed by Oncord, which can be triggered by an event such as a purchase, form submission, or when a contact is moved into a group. Popular uses of automation include:

  • Sending an e-mail campaign to users who have abandoned their shopping carts.
  • Sending a series of e-mail marketing messages over a period of time
  • Sending a welcome e-mail campaign to new contacts
  • Sending follow-up emails to customers with unpaid invoices
  • Adding contacts to certain groups after they perform a specific activity (eg. Fill out a form, purchase a product or amount of products)

How Do I Enable Automation?

Navigate to Dashboard > Marketing > Automation to view all your automated workflows, and create new automation workflows. If the Marketing tools do not display in the left-hand menu of your Dashboard, you will need to upgrade your plan to include our suite of Marketing Tools. Upgrading your plan is a very simple, instant process. Simply contact us and we will update your plan for you. 

The Automation Trigger

The "Trigger" is the event that starts the automation workflow. We provide a flexible number of options for triggers including;

  • A new contact registering,
  • a user being added to a group,
  • a certain product being purchased,
  • or when a form is submitted.

After defining the trigger, you will be presented with additional options related to your chosen trigger. You may then begin defining your automated workflow, which details the steps to be completed by Oncord after the trigger.